And we’re off!

12 07 2008

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for camp, and I won’t be back until August 19th. While I am super-duper excited, this also means I have no internet access for 5 weeks. This means I will not be able to:

  • Write new posts
  • Comment on your posts
  • Update the blogroll (If a blog goes offline, for example)
  • Approve comments from people who haven’t commented before
  • Approve anonymous comments
  • Fish comments out of the virtual spam bin if they get stuck there

While I will miss blogging, I do appreciate your patience on this. And, when I get back, I will be back in action ASAP!

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t give you reading material to read while I’m gone? Here are some of my favorite blogs, of all kinds:

  • Renegade Evolution – A freakin’ hilarious, badass sex worker who refers to herself as the “God-Emperor of Rome”. Need I say more?
  • Screw Bronze! – Hard to sum up in a few sentences. Just go read it. Seriously
  • GirlAction5 – My friend Chanelle is doing some travelling, and is currently in Australia right now. While she doesn’t update often, her entries are often both very long and extremely interesting. Read some old ones if you’re curious.
  • Miss Crip Chick – A young, radical activist blogger, who mostly blogs about disability issues. She’s cool.
  • The Zoromski Chronicles – A really cool family from Wisconsin. The youngest daughter, Ruby, has Down Syndrome, and the oldest, Karly, is autistic and was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Their positive outlook on life is truly awesome!



Well, hello there.

13 04 2008

After several attempts at blogging, and many epic facebook rants, I have decided to settle here for good. Well, I’ll try.

Feel free to comment on things you see here – actually, please do. It encourages me to keep writing. Part of the reason I stopped blogging before was because I felt like nobody was reading. So please assure me that you are. I will try and promote this blog to death. Let’s see how it goes.

There will be an actual entry coming up real soon. I promise. Pinky-promise.