So, who is this girl anyway?

Hmm. It’s a bit of a difficult question to answer.

I’m a teenager (but not a stereotype). I’m a queer feminist lefty with a passion for disabillity rights, anti-racism, and all kinds of social justice movements. I also enjoy cooking, biology, and music. I read a lot. I write a lot. I enjoy hanging out in museums and libraries, and will go to the occasional concert or book launch. I’m mighty opinionated about a lot of things, which is why I have this blog.



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15 04 2008


17 04 2008
Dr. Fil *coughs* ;P

AHAHA, agreed, Bryce! ^^~ Lins, you rock. You are honestly one of my heroes~ =D ❤ *nom nom nom XDD*

25 04 2008

you rock, can we be friends haha? are you vegan as well, then you are super womyn!

2 05 2008


Well, just thought I’d say it.


31 05 2008
Jacky V.

Nice to “e-meet” you!

18 06 2008

Miss Nomered:

I am very glad that I discovered your blog! You strike me as wise and insightful beyond your years.

I work with a new nonprofit that I love, IssueLab, and our monthly CloseUp feature is on a topic that I think you and your readers would be interested in– LGBTQ youth.

This month’s CloseUp gathers research on the issue of LGBTQ youth from non-governmental sources and touches on important topics such as how to build safe school environments for LGBTQ youth; disproportionate levels of homelessness; how racism and homophobia impact lgbtq kids of color; and suicidal ideation and attempts. The collection includes work from organizations like GLSEN, Advocates for Youth, and the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League.

You can check out the full collection at

Our archive also has tons of research on all kinds of social issues (and is totally free). You can subscribe to free issue-specific RSS feeds too, by registering as a LabRat.

I hope you find the CloseUp interesting and useful, and I look forward to keeping up with your blog!


29 08 2008

Hi there! I stumbled over here during one of my many queer surfs. Good to meet you, mind if I follow/link you on my blog? Do you live in Ontario? I do too. 🙂

16 09 2008

WordPress eh?
Well check me out at blogspot. Might be too geeky for you. Though I’m writing an awesome post about Google’s services right now, you should definitely check it out once I’m done.

29 10 2008

Meg: no problem if you link! I’m flattered!

10 12 2008

Hey Shaye!
The Lavender Prophets love you too!
/end shameless ad.

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