Anxiety sucks, or why I haven’t been writing.

4 12 2008

The title. Enough said. I’d like to write more….but there are things I need to get in order before I can start posting regularly again.

The “system”, as it were, sucks as well. I believe I was misdiagnosed the first time around. They told me that it was anxiety-NOS, it was mild, and I could just keep getting counselling at my school and I’d be fine. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s generalized anxiety, and it’s sure as hell not fine.

Getting people to listen is the challenge, really. Apparently teenagers are supposed to be nervous – but to what degree? I’m starting with a new counsellor in a couple of days, hopefully that will help.

Anyways, post your mental health rants here. I miss having robust discussions on this blog.




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11 12 2008


13 12 2008

the best way to deal with anxiety is to face what makes you anxious

26 12 2008

Word, queerunity. Word.

9 01 2009


Love the name of your blog…
I will read anything you have to write, my son is, as he calls himself, an Aspergian.

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