5 11 2008

So, Obama won. He is the first African-American president of the United States. Which is amazing in of itself, and even better, I do really like the guy.

This election meant a lot to people like me. Ever since I’ve been old enough to actually follow elections, they’ve had bad results. Two rounds of Bush, three of Harper. I’ve never really been happy the day after and election. So, to watch Barack Obama win, to know you lived to see history being made, was truly amazing. As he made his speech last night, I cried, and things like that don’t usually make me cry.

This morning, I cried again, but those weren’t tears of joy. Prop 8 passed, as did similar measures in Arizona and Florida. Prop K was voted down. For areas where people did vote Democrat, this was especially disheartening. Yes, progressives can be dicks too, and a whole bunch of people suffered because for some reason, people feel it’s right for the majority to veto the basic rights of the minority.

I finally got what Obama was saying when he talked about hope all this time. A mixed-race kid from a single-parent family, with an unusual name, grew up to become president. And, while queer folks in the United States still can’t get married, and sex workers in San Francisco still can’t work without the fear of being arrested. But all of us “freaks” – we don’t go down without a fight. We’ll keep fighting, and if this election showed us anything, it’s that people who are different because of what they are, or do, can be leaders. And I believe the world is moving forward, despite all the threats out there to anyone who is percieved as different. Today, there are a lot of minorities, disadvantaged folks, freaks and queers who now know that they can do anything.

Maybe even lead a country one day.




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5 11 2008

I have mixed emotions today. I am elated over Obama winning, and really sad about the gay marriage amendments. I have hope, but my hope got shot down just a bit today.

6 11 2008

Canada needs change now. Can liberals please elect someone much better at campaigning than Dion? I love how Obama exudes confidence but not cockiness, idealism with an acknowledgment of the hard work it’ll take to get where they want to be. He offers something I’ve never seen in Canadian politics since I can remember. Can’t it be possible for a Canadian politician to inspire many like that?

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