Make Love, Not War.

7 06 2008

A while ago, I came across this article about a lesbian couple who were asked to stop kissing during a baseball game. I’m not even going to get into how heterosexist and stupid the whole so-called “controversy” is – people have done that already. Instead, I’m wondering, what’s wrong with a little PDA?

Yes, I know that excess public groping is probably a little much. Still, I’d much rather see public displays of affection than public displays of hatred. A few weeks ago, I was on the bus, and there was this guy near me talking loudly on his cellphone. From the sounds of it, he was being very verbally abusive to his wife/girlfriend/partner. It seriously made me want to cry. I’d take watching 10 couples have really excessive makeout sessions over having to listen to that shit.

Another thing I’ve never understood is how sex is apparently so much more scandalous than violence in the media. I mean, violence is generally understood to be negative, while sex and sexuality can be quite positive and wonderful. I guess it’s an indicator of how screwed up and sex-negative our society is. As someone (I can’t for the life of me remember who it was) said, “You can blow someone’s head off, but you can’t give them head.” What the hell? Want my personal opinion? I’d much rather watch a sex scene, even a really bad one, than a really bloody violent scene.

I actually read a really cool article about this new Israeli porn site that features Israelis – both Jews and Arabs – getting it on. Honestly, it makes me really happy that such a thing exists. Because I think if we all learned to be more open, affectionate, and sexy, there would be a lot less violence and wars in the world.

The (original) hippies were on to something. Really.




One response

7 06 2008

I agree, where are our priorities as a society. We value violence but we shun love making? People are weird.

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