Yes. I’m pissed off.

3 05 2008

So, if you haven’t heard, “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey committed suicide.

This whole situation is fucked up. And some people’s reactions (or lack therof), are even more fucked up.

It just hit me that certain “radical feminist” bloggers, while pretending to just disagree with the sex industry (which isn’t my point of view, but hey, I can respect that), really just hate sex workers.

Like, when they accuse RenEv of not being a real person. Or, when a member of a certain message board called sex workers “retarded”. That’s right, folks, ableism and sex worker hate in the same sentence!

And then, I suppose, are people who react differently. I know this probably sounds bad, but it creeps me out a little when male feminists become involved in the “plight” of sex workers (how awful it must be to be a whore), and consequently, treat female sex workers like children (which is kind of a patriarchal in itself). You know, I really hate it when people say “Well, we protect children, why not women”. Umm…no. How the hell patronizing is that? Full grown women are not children.

Another characteristic of some of these anti-“pornstitution” folks is ignoring the voice of any sex worker they don’t agree with. Or saying, if someone does choose to be a sex worker (and choose is the operative word here), it must because of their mommy/daddy issues or blatant stupidity. Again, it’s so condescending it makes my head hurt.

And no. Do not say “Her death was tragic, but…”. No. Don’t accuse her of being a “pimp”.

And I’ve noticed a lot of silence on this, too. Because, again, some people only choose to see what they want to.

I heard Palfrey was facing up to 55 years in prison. For what? We don’t give those kind of sentences to armed robbers and child molesters.

Fuck. I’m really not loving the “morality police” right now. Not that I ever liked them. But I’m quite pissed off at the moment.

I think Amber Rhea said it better than I ever could.




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3 05 2008

I don’t understand why prostituion is illegal in most places, if it is consensual business activity, shouldn’t we be using the same line pro-choice activists use. “My body my choice”. I am also sick of the morality police. If you don’t want to be a prostitute or engage in sexual business, don’t. There are many things I wouldn’t do but it isn’t my business or right to tell others what to do.

3 05 2008

I read about this in class the other day, and I honestly found it rather shocking and sad.

And what especially angers me is that she wasn’t doing anything wrong by running an escort service. She ran a service that I’m sure paid her workers well, and make their clients happy. However, the government couldn’t get their insies on it, and hey, 55 year sentence for money laundering. And like you said, child molesters getting out after ten years and living in neighbourhoods full of children is completely OK.

Anyways, it’s heartbreaking that suicide was her only way out.

(P.S. I just woke up, I definitely didn’t articulate my feelings as well as I could’ve but I just had to comment on this. Keep up the good work, Lindsay. You’re probably one of my favourite people on the interwebs now.)

4 05 2008
Emilie Dice

I’m a sex worker and a radical feminist. I love those radical blogs. Maybe we’re reading different ones, because I haven’t seen any hate and disrespect to sex workers on them. Everything is NOT hunky dory in prostitution land, and even though I’ve participated in the trade, by “choice,” and have had a relatively decent experience, I still think the radical feminists are still hitting the nail on the head with their core critiques of prostitution. It IS exploitation. Read my site for my personal experiences if you’re curious.

4 05 2008


I was really only referring to a select few bloggers (the “retarded” comment really stuck out; that was on a message board, not a blog). I try to be respectful, and I realize there are legitimate criticisms on both sides of the issue (again, I have my own views, but everyone’s entitled to their opinions), but some of the stuff I’ve seen lately hasn’t really returned the favor.

I also have an issue with some “radical feminist” ideology in terms of how they view trans people (I’m cisgender myself, but I have several trans friends and I try to be good ally), as well as other issues.

That being said, even certain bloggers which drive me absolutely up the wall about 90% of the time make some damn good points the other 10% of the time. I’m not really going to say who, since I don’t want to passive-agressively call people out right now, but you get the point.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

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