Day of Silence Wrap-Up

26 04 2008

It was amazing.

We had an estimated 50-60 participating, although it was hard to gauge, because, it being a Friday afternoon, the turnout for Breaking the Silence wasn’t huge.

It was extremely powerful. At one point in the day, I thought “Damn! I am one of thousands and thousands doing this. And if I hadn’t organized this, there would be about 50 less people.” The responses were almost all positive – my law teacher was taunting me a bit as expected, but I had quite a few positive responses as well. And I saw quite a few teachers wearing their black ribbons. However, apparently some people called one of my friends a “fag”, which was really disheartening. Homophobia and transphobia are alive and well at my school, which is why I think we need to do the Day of Silence.

Did I mention that fate seemed to work perfectly in my favour? You see, kids, I had what can be assumed to be a meeting with some bad scallops the night before. Or something. I wasn’t horribly violently ill or anything, but my first thought was “Dear god, please do not let me have the stomach flu.” And I didn’t – so I guess it was some very mild food poisoning. Or something. I was mostly fine the next day, except for not being able to eat much, and my stomach feeling slightly unsettled.

And today, we have a surprise transit strike. I just found that out about five minutes ago. That’s what happens when you live on the internet and update your blog every day and don’t watch TV. Anyways, I got really lucky. Because if it had happened the day before, we’d have been screwed – almost nobody would be at school.

That hateful asshole Fred Phelps says that “God Hates Fags”. Well, obviously, if there is a god, he/she/they LOVE the Day of Silence.

All kidding aside, one girl, who’s straight, wrote this brilliant facebook note about her experiences doing the Day of Silence. I wish I could link to it – it really is amazing. Anyways, I think she hit the nail on the head when she said that being silent all day taught her how hard it is to be silent.

So I say we stand up and fight, until none of us are silenced.

A few pictures (there would have been more, except I couldn’t track everyone down to ask permission to put them on here):

Some of my friends:

Me, with a friend: (I’m on the right, in case everyone was wondering what I look like)

The folks who turned out for “Breaking the Silence”:

It was an amazing day.

I will be back to my normal ranting tomorrow. No worries.

Update: My friend Sinead wrote a great blog post about participating in the Day of Silence. Check it out here.




4 responses

27 04 2008

Yay! Day of Silence was awesome… It didn’t really occur to me when I did it at my school what a national thing it is, but when you think about it it really is powerful how many people all across the country are willing to stand up to “break the silence.”
Thanks for posting this!

27 04 2008

i completely forgot about day of silence and i feel like a terrible person for it.

but there’s always next year, and i think it’s AWESOME that you got so many people to participate!

29 04 2008

I’m glad it went well!

I don’t have any classes on Fridays, so I didn’t even end up going to campus. But since the GLBT pride alliance at my school just kinda dissolved there wasn’t anyone to organize it anyway. 😦

12 05 2008

Awesome. We had this last friday. I didn’t know until the afternoon, after which I had no classes, and it was just a stupid sticker oyu put on rather than ribbons or the card saying what it’s about. I had to /tell/ a friend of mine (who was being silent- the people at my school cheat. She was signing, another girl was writing notes) why she was being silent. >_<

I don’t think we did breaking hte silence, but I didn’t hang around to find out. 2 years of silence at my school and I’d probably crack and start screaming at everyone if nobody at least mentioned transgenderists in the meeting.

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