Day of Silence countdown: t-minus 3 days

23 04 2008

As most of you know by now, the Day of Silence is on Friday.

We had our sign up/informational meeting today, and guess what? We have about 40 participants in the event. Which is definitely good. They all seemed very enthusiastic as well, which was lovely.

And, thank god, no Day of Truth assholes, at least not to my knowledge. I mean, a few ‘phobes have been whining over facebook, but nobody has said anything negative to my face.

Also, for our “Breaking the Silence” event, a few people are presenting music/writing relevant to the theme. I’m reading one of Julia Serano’s poems; one of my friends (who is really talented), wants to perform a song. Think acoustic; vocals/guitar. Anyways, she doesn’t know what song she should do – any ideas for songs that relate to the themes of the day?

Anyways, I am very excited! I’ll keep you all posted on the developments.




One response

24 04 2008

oh oh oh Dear Mr. President by Pink is what immediately came to my mind. I dont know how easy it is to learn or to play, but its a really good song.

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