Dear narrow-minded “feminists”,

21 04 2008

First of all, bite me.

Second of all, bite me.

Galling Galla explains it better than I ever could.

I’m not going to even give you the luxury of calling you “feminist” – feminism, to me, is about equality for all women, not just the ones who do things you like. And who made you the great arbiter of what is female and feminist?

Much love,

Miss Nomered, queer (not in the “political” sense, in the “women are damn sexy” sense), sex-positive (yes you can be sex-negative), transgender-friendly, pro-sex worker FEMINIST.




2 responses

22 04 2008

Anyone who can point to any one thing and say, “This is wholly female” or “This is wholly male” is not someone I’d want to associate with. 🙂

There’s a reason why the yin and the yang curve into each other. If it was a simple case of black and white (no pun intended) then it’d just be a block cut in half.

24 04 2008

Just to say: you’re terrific.

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